I work as a consultant to teams, leaders and organizations COMMITTED TO SOCIAL Justice.

Relationships are the primary way to strengthen our capacity for resilience. Social change happens through intentional and respectful everyday interactions coupled with a sustained commitment to collaboration, critical thinking and compassionate action as well as personal reflection and awareness of multicultural group dynamics. 

Trained as a Clinical Psychologist, I understand how to support healthy development across the lifespan. Working as a Leadership Consultant, I incorporate evidence-based strategies to develop resilient leaders, teams and communities. I work at all levels to foster dialogue, collaboration and creative problem solving. 

A few highlights:

  • At the University of Colorado, I consulted with leaders to establish healthy team interactions and team values by directing the standardization and consistency of internal and external communication. Included programing of team meetings as well as special team building events.

  • I worked in collaboration with leadership team, responsible for strategic planning, drafting of grants and proposals resulting in over $5 million in funding and the creation of the Center for Resilience and Well-being.

  • Synthesized the Let's Connect (LC) materials into a coordinated skill-building for adults to connect successfully with children and youth they care for across 3 critical contexts of home, school and community settings. Working collaboratively with two other clinical research psychologists, developed the LC brand and executed the creation of website, logo, graphics, infographics, instructional videos and implementation manuals and guides.

  • Here is Seattle, I have co-created community-based programs designed to foster social and emotional health and resilience in children, youth and adults. Celebrate developmental milestones and reinforce communication through youth-adult partnerships. Integrate practices of creativity, mindfulness and movement as the foundations of a healthy and resilient community.

  • 15+ years as a Clinical Psychologist, and 8 in private practice focused on assessment and treatment of depression, anxiety, and sexual medicine issues. Primary clients were adolescents, adults, couples, and families, using a variety of evidence-based therapeutic interventions to assist clients in understanding and increasing psychological health and flexibility, resilience and adaptive coping strategies. My therapeutic orientation focused on establishing and maintaining trust so that clients can move toward authentic accountability, emotional regulation and effective communication. I integrated Mindfulness as an evidence-based self-care strategy.

Read more about my previous work on my LinkedIn page.  I am happy to share relevant work samples upon request.