Spring is here - renew your intentions!

Today is March 1st. Can you feel the energy of Spring building as it propels us out of Winter?  This is a special time to pause, sigh with relief, and celebrate that we have made it through the darkest time of year!  On March 20th, we will experience the Spring Equinox and relish in the moment when there is balance between light and dark. It is just around the corner! 

Did you set intentions for the new year? How is that going? This is an ideal time to check in with those intentions, assess your progress and renew your focus. I am excited to support you in this process of self-reflection and preparation so you can actualize your intentions. Here in the PNW, this is a beautiful and challenging time when we are longing for warmth and sun (and we get momentary glimpses of both) but most of the time we are still dealing with cold rainy days and a unmet desire for more light. Remain committed to inner work in the face of these obstacles, and you may achieve your goals, objectives and dreams. If your resolve is insufficient, your commitments may wash away like the rain pouring down into the gutters. 

I am excited to offer two workshops this Spring at Seattle Mindfulness Center designed to assist you in cultivating your inner landscape so that you can manifest your dreams in the future.

On March, 24th from 1-3:30 I will host Recipe for Resilience. You can expect to feel inspired and renewed through the 2.5 hour small group experience that combines creativity, mindfulness and movement. In silence and in dialogue, we will cultivate care and compassion for ourselves and others. We will review and discuss what contributes to resilience in individuals, groups and communities. You will have an opportunity for personal exploration to capture key experiences in 2018 that have already offered you opportunities for growth. Reviewing your intentions for 2018 and your journal, calendar, photos, cards and messages will help you to build your resilience. You will have a chance to consolidate your insights into a mixed-media collage. Please consider joining me as we co-create this circle of support. 

In April, I will launch a brand new workshop that I am co-facilitating with the brilliant career consultant and yogini, Christina McCracken. Inspired by the idea that a healthy life offers us many opportunities to change course, or pivot, as we move toward wisdom and maturity, we have co-created this platform to support your pivot. In the 8-session workshop, Prepare to Pivot, you will harness your energy, align with your purpose and execute your pivot with grace, courage and intention. The three phases of Self-discovery, Visioning and Action will be presented with clear action items and homework as well as inspiration and support. We are creating a workbook to accompany you on the journey and we are eager to incorporate stories and experiences from others who have a story of a pivot to share! The exact dates are TBD based on the group's needs. Registration is open and you can email me directly for more details or if you want to share your insights about a previous pivot!

many blessings,