Share your pivotal moments!

We are curious to hear from you! Prepare to Pivot is grounded in our personal experience navigating a pivot and also our professional experience supporting others with their pivot. Our commitment to continued learning starts with inquiry. That's why we are reaching out to hear your process articulating a pivot. We would love to talk to you! Here are some questions that we are using to direct our interviews. Please consider setting up a time to talk or sending us the responses to these questions. If answering questions is not your thing, but you have a story to share, let's talk! 

The Call to Pivot

When did your story of self-discovery start? When did you first sense that something needed to change?

Let's start with how you heard, felt or recognized the call to pivot. You might have had a clear image of what needed to change or it may have been a more complicated and slow recognition that the path you were on had come to its natural conclusion. Walk us through this initial phase of insight when you discovered that something needed to change. Let's pay attention to the seeds, hints, and intuitive moments that you now know (in hindsight) were critical at this stage. 

In Transition - Moving through the Pivot

Once you made the decision to change, what was the first step you took? What did you have to let go of or release? What did this feel like and how did you move forward once you had acknowledged the call.

Here we explore the practical steps and mis-steps of your pivot. We want to know the key people who supported you and what images and interactions kept you inspired. We also want to know when the Naysayer arrived and how you interacted with this powerful presence. Tell us about the resources you relied on to build and maintain momentum (for example, the practical active strategies, emotional support, spiritual practices that kept you going.)

Putting into action - Living the change

What were the surprises and insights that emerged in this final phase of integration?

The final phase of your story captures the way that you made this your new reality. Tell us about the feelings you've encountered that helped you consolidate your new identity. Include the things that you had to let go of, mourn the loss of as well as achievements that you are still celebrating. 

Finally to summarize, what key takeaways and words of inspiration or encouragement would you offer to others as they prepare to pivot?