LeaderShip Consulting


I can work with you directly and with your team or organization as a facilitator of trainings and retreats.

Independent Leadership Consulting

Individual consultation available:

  • Strengthen your embodied leadership

  • Clarify and support a specific project

  • Manifest your leadership goals for 2018-2019

What is unique about my approach:

  • A relational perspective highlights your unique talents and strengths

  • Strategies of creativity, mindfulness and movement to support embodied leadership

Tools for TEAMS

I have developed specific tools that I use to help your team to be more productive.

Group Facilitation includes:

  • Focus on setting agendas for more effective meetings

  • Clarify roles, responsibilities and group processes

  • Improve productivity, job satisfaction, and team cohesion

  • Create a stronger and healthier team culture

What is unique about the Tools for Teams approach:

  • Grounded in social science research

  • Clarify basic human needs for security, belonging and meaning

  • Highlight unique strengths and tailor feedback to your situation

  • Cultivate a Resilience Mindset




Recipe for Resilience (RR)

December 29, 2018 at Seattle Mindfulness Center

January 6th, 2019 at The Cloud Room on Capitol Hill

10-2 pm

A 3-part workshop:

  • Understand. Discuss the science of resilience and how this relates to your present

  • Reflect. Review your key experiences that offer opportunities for insight

  • Trust. Create a unique mixed-media collage for inspiration, clarity and intention

What is unique about the RR workshop:

  • Small group format offers support and authentic accountability

  • Cultivate a Resilience Mindset

  • The RR workbook is designed to set your intentions for the new year


PRepare to pivot (PTP)


Starting in February 2019 - the full 8-Session workshop:

  • Self-Discovery. Understand the central point upon which you pivot.

  • Visioning. Consider the landscape, opportunities and alliances that propel you forward.

  • Action Plan. Devise a plan, initiate action and build momentum.

What is unique about PTP workshop:

  • Small group format offers support and authentic accountability

  • Two trained facilitators to support your process

  • PTP workbook offers a clear plan and timeline for execution